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List of courses for art students in 2022

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Are you a student seeking for admission to study an art course in the university?
In this article, you will find out the list of courses for art students in the university.

Before entering the university as an art students, you need to have a minimum credits in the following subjects in your WAEC, NECO, or GCE.

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Civic Education
  • Economics
  • Literature in English Language
  • Government
  • Yoruba or Igbo or Hausa
  • A trade subject

Subjects such as English, Literature in English Language and Government is a must for to pass as an art students before you can gain admission into any Nigerian university of your choice.

Once you have pass your WAEC or NECO or GCE, you will have to write JAMB and POST UTME of your university. A wrong subject combination may deny you admission. Subject combinations are the core subjects you must write and pass at your O’level before any higher institutions in Nigeria can give you admission.

Don’t worry, you will find out the subject combination for each courses for art students, however, before that, you need to know the list of courses for art students you can study in Nigerian university.

List of courses for art students

Once you are done with high school, the next thing is to focus on studying a course in the university of your choice, as an art student, you need to know the list of courses you can study in the university.

Below are the list of courses for art students:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Arabic and Islamic Studies
  3. Arabic Language
  4. Arabic Language and Literature
  5. Arabic Studies
  6. Archaeology
  7. Art
  8. Chinese
  9. Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies
  10. Christian Studies
  11. Civil Law
  12. Classical Studies
  13. Common Law
  14. Communication and Language Arts
  15. Communication Arts
  16. Communication Studies
  17. Comparative Religious Studies
  18. Creative and Visual Arts
  19. Creative Arts
  20. Criminology and Securities Studies
  21. Drama/Dramatic/Performing Art
  22. Economics
  23. Economics and Development Studies
  24. Efik Ibibio
  25. English and International Studies
  26. English and Literary Studies
  27. English Language
  28. English Language and Communication Studies
  29. English Language and Literature
  30. English Studies
  31. European and Nigerian Languages
  32. Fine Art / Fine and Applied Arts
  33. Fine Art and Design
  34. French
  35. French and International Relation
  36. French, German or Russian
  37. Fulfulde
  38. Geography
  39. German
  40. German Combined with French and Russia
  41. Hausa
  42. History
  43. History and Archaeology
  44. History and Diplomacy
  45. History and Diplomatic Studies
  46. History and International Relation
  47. History and International Studies
  48. History and Strategic Studies
  49. Igbo
  50. Igbo/Linguistics
  51. International Studies and Diplomacy
  52. Islamic Studies
  53. Islamic/Sharia Law
  54. Kanuri
  55. Languages and Linguistics
  56. Languages and Literature
  57. Law
  58. Linguistics
  59. Linguistics and African Languages
  60. Linguistics, Igbo and other African Languages
  61. Linguistics/Edo
  62. Literature In English Language
  63. Mass Communication
  64. Modern Languages
  65. Music
  66. Nigerian Languages
  67. Performing Arts
  68. Philosophy
  69. Philosophy and Religious Studies
  70. Political Science
  71. Political Science and Conflict Resolution -Under Art
  72. Portuguese
  73. Portuguese / English
  74. Private and Islamic Law
  75. Psychology
  76. Public and Private International Law
  77. Religious and Cultural Studies
  78. Religious and Human Relations
  79. Religious Studies
  80. Russia
  81. Russia with French / German
  82. Sociology
  83. Sociology and Anthropology
  84. Theatre Arts
  85. Theatre and Film Studies
  86. Theatre and Media Arts
  87. Theology
  88. Yoruba
  89. Yoruba and Communication Arts

Now that you have known the list of courses for art students, you will need to check out the jamb subject combination that is needed for you before you can gain admission into the university.

Most of the courses listed above are 3 to 4years course and a few are 4 to 5 years. Don’t forget to check out:

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