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How To Use Custom Business Stickers to Promote Your Business

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Do you plan on starting a business and you are looking for ways to promote your business on a low budget scale?

One of the mistakes business owners who don’t have enough budget make, is not to make use of business stickers. Business stickers are custom stickers that can be use to promote your business to your potential clients with minimal investment.

However, if you are looking for a company to make custom stickers for your business, you can try out

Custom stickers company is a fast-growing and professional sticker-making company. It supplies 10+ types of custom stickers like die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers, rectangle stickers, circle stickers, holographic stickers, logo stickers, etc. You can visit their online design system to design your own unique stickers with your logo, slogan, or other essences of your company. It is fantastic and trendy to stick your own custom stickers on the packages of products, company gifts, or brochures to promote your business.

Can You Use Custom Business Stickers to Promote Your Business?

Yes, I highly recommend the use of custom business stickers to promote your business.

Factors To Consider Before Designing Your Custom Business Stickers

How To Use Custom Business Stickers to Promote Your Business

The type of custom business stickers and labels you purchase depends on what your distribution program consists of. If you distribute medical supplies, then you will get different stickers with the different medical specialty. If you are going to market your products through direct marketing, then you will probably want to order stickers that include the name of your company and a logo. You may want to choose a design that makes your product stand out from the competition.


The way your sticker is designed will depend on what your needs are. First of all, you should consider the environment in which your sticker will be displayed. Do you intend to place them on shipping containers? Will they be placed on display boards in a store? How will the sticker be used – on letterheads, business cards or sales receipts? Where will the sticker go once it is applied?

Design Concept

All of these questions must be answered prior to you begin the design process. The design concept you choose should be based on the answers you have researched. Take some time out to really think about what kind of image you are trying to portray. The sticker will remain in your customers’ minds longer if you choose an attractive design.


You also need to research the different types of materials that are available for custom sticker production. This will help you determine what the most cost effective format will be for your distribution. A vinyl sticker is probably the best choice for a product that you plan to sell in large quantities. Many custom sticker companies offer direct shipment and delivery as well as standard shipping methods. They will also work with you to customize the size, shape and color of the sticker for your particular product.

Custom Sticker Printing

There are a few other options available when considering custom business stickers. While they do cost more, many companies that specialize in custom sticker printing will work with you to create a unique design that is not available anywhere else. You can also have your stickers printed on a durable label stock similar to wax paper. It is a good idea to check with several different suppliers to compare the price and quality of their products.

Promote your Business

If you intend to use the stickers to promote your business, you will also want to choose a design that is easy for customers to remember and identify with. There are numerous online sites where you can search through photos of custom business sticker images. Try to keep your sticker designs simple and clean. Using bright colors or complex images can distract your customers and may even make them less inclined to buy.

Distribution Method

Finally, you will want to carefully consider the distribution method for your custom business stickers. Many standard sticker packages are designed to be folded and placed flat. This makes them easier to shipping and allows you to choose a convenient carrier. Mailing your stickers through the post can be very expensive but if you make custom business stickers you can save money by using other inexpensive means of advertising such as ribbons and business cards.

When selecting which distribution methods to use, consider both cost and effectiveness. Mailing your custom stickers is by far the most cost effective and efficient method of distributing your message. Most of the time you will be able to offer your customers the option of receiving your stickers through a catalogue or online catalogues. In addition, you can offer them a selection of your custom business message and emblem in the form of a tag or sticker. The additional cost for this service is minimal and usually worth it in the long run.

Stickers are a great tool to advertise your business. However, they do not have to be expensive. They can be created inexpensively and still create a large impact. Do your research before choosing the medium for which to distribute your stickers. Talk to suppliers and read the various offers that are available. Choose the one that will produce the most impact without costing an arm and a leg.


Custom sticker orders can be fulfilled within a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of your order. All you need to ensure is to provide your delivery information. It is then just a matter of completing your order and waiting for your stickers to arrive. Once your order is complete, you can start using your stickers to market your business, share your company’s logo, and promote your brand. You can use your custom stickers to promote your special offers or just use them to enhance the look of your business.

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How To Promote Your Business Using Custom Business Stickers

How To Promote Your Business Using Custom Business Stickers

Check out the following 10 ways you can use stickers to promote your business for some inspiration.

  1. Give custom stickers as a gift

    Whether you sell goods online or in-store or operate a service business, consider giving custom stickers as a loyalty gift or gift with purchase. Custom stickers are a fun surprise-and-delight to your customers. Include a quirky or inspirational message that showcases your brand’s personality for extra engagement. Or create personalized stickers that your clients will love sticking everywhere.
  2. Hand out stickers at trade shows

    A great way to generate traffic at your trade show booth is to hand out branded stickers with funny sayings or cool designs that are relevant to attendees and the industry.

Custom stickers will make your business stand out from other vendors and they’re a unique giveaway that attendees can apply to personal belongings or pass on to friends and family, organically marketing your business in the future.

  1. Sell your stickers as branded merchandise

    Impulse purchases at the register or checkout are a great way to increase order value. If you have a retail store, place custom branded stickers with unique slogans toward the end of the aisle near the register where customers are most likely to make a last-second purchase.

If you operate an eCommerce site, consider a dedicated accessory section where you can feature low-cost stickers for consumers to add to their cart when checking out. This can also help customers reach any free shipping thresholds you might have and increases your order values.

Using simple stickers that showcase your brand personality can increase your bottom line when used correctly as an impulse buy. If you’re stumped for design ideas, hire a freelance graphic designer to provide some fun design inspiration for you at a low cost.

  1. Give out stickers at grand openings & special events

    Are you throwing a grand opening or a special event to drive additional traffic to your store? Then give away stickers along with samples of your products as a free gift to help market your business and products.

A free sample and gift can go a long way to securing a new customer. They let consumers emotionally connect with your brand because you have given them things for free right off the bat. It also lets potential customers test out your products, while the stickers help communicate the look and feel of your brand. It’s also a very inexpensive way of marketing your business to many people at once.

  1. Apply brand stickers to personal items

    Use your stickers as additional branding in your store. Adhere your stickers to various items in-store so that customers see your brand as they are shopping. Whether on your cash register, your office door or the tip jar, let the stickers be seen by others and do the marketing for you.

Also, add your branded stickers to personal items that you, your family, and friends carry around on a daily basis. Add stickers to thermal water bottles, laptops, notebooks, car windows, and luggage. The more your stickers are seen, the more brand awareness you create

  1. Create goodwill with employees

    Give your employees custom stickers to use themselves and give away. Let them place the stickers where they choose to help promote the company and brand. Soon you will see your company’s brand displayed on bottles, computers, bags, and other work items. It’s also great for improving company culture and pride.
  2. Give out custom bumper stickers

    Promote your company with custom bumper stickers that can be handed out at events, in-store, or packaged in product shipments. It’s an incredibly low-cost way to share your brand or just to give your customers a special gift.

And if consumers apply the bumper stickers to their vehicles, it’s free advertising that can reach areas much further than you anticipated. It’s a simple, cheap way to build brand awareness.

For example, if you own a pet-sitting or dog-walking business, order cute personalized bumper or window stickers of your clients’ pets and give them as a thank-you for using your service. Your client will likely put that bumper sticker on their car, refrigerator, laptop, or water bottle, a constant reminder to use your service again.

  1. Add stickers to packaging

    If you operate an eCommerce business that ships a lot of packages, use custom stickers on the inside and outside of the box to showcase your brand and message. A sticker on the outside of the box lets your customers know instantly that the package is from your company.

In the inside of your shipment, add a sticker that features your social media handles and contact details to engage your customer. As a bonus, include a fun sticker that they’ll share on social media to show how much they love your products.

  1. Apply stickers to storefront windows

    Apply custom stickers to your store windows and doors that are visible to customers walking by. The window stickers reinforce your branding to passersby, and if you create a sticker with a catchy saying or slogan, you may find them coming into your store to purchase the stickers themselves.

Avery custom stickers are inexpensive and easy to personalize so you can change up your messages to follow current trends or popular causes.

No matter what you decide, stickers can be used in a variety of ways. Whether to grab someone’s attention as they pass by, to surprise customers with a small gift, or to hand out at a trade show or event, stickers are a great vehicle to create awareness for your business, at a fraction of the cost of other marketing tactics.

If you want to make and print your own stickers at home try Avery Sticker Project Paper that’s available for both inkjet and laser printers.

Have you used custom stickers in your marketing efforts? What worked best for your business?

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