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How to start a WhatsApp TV in 2022 to Make money

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WhatsApp TV is one of the passive means to make money on your phone. Operating a WhatsApp Tv is like you operating a blog or a website. In this article, I will be explain to you how to start WhatsApp Tv without any stress.

Starting a blog is much more stressful unlike you starting a WhatsApp Tv but hey you don’t even need much investment when you want to begin your own WhatsApp Tv.

How to start a WhatsApp TV

Before we talk about how to start a WhatsApp Tv, let us look are the tools that are needed in starting a WhatsApp Tv.

What are the tools needed to start a WhatsApp TV

Before you think of starting a WhatsApp Tv there are some tools that are needed before you can run a successful WhatsApp Tv, don’t worry, I will mention the essentials tools needed to start a WhatsApp Tv

1. A mobile phone

You will need a mobile phone before you can launch a WhatsApp Tv, I don’t mean just anyhow mobile phone, I mean a smartphone (either android or iOS) with a minimum RAM of 3gig, ROM of 32gig (with an external memory card of 32gig if your device support it but if your smartphone doesn’t support memory card then your ROM must be a minimum of 64gig), your smartphone must support 4G/5G network and it must have a good front and back camera

2. Status saver

You must have a status saver on your phone, you can always download one on your device playstore. However, if you are looking for a status saver that can allow you to download anything on every social network platform such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Instagram, Likee etc then feel free to contact me via mail and make your request known.

3. WhatsApp Business

If you are planning to make money on WhatsApp, then you need to download WhatsApp business on your smartphone, because WhatsApp business has a lot of enabled features unlike that of the normal WhatsApp.

4. WhatsApp Tv Name

Before you begin a WhatsApp Tv, you need to have a branded name for it. Having a WhatsApp Tv name is very essential incase potential customers or advertisers are looking for you

You will need a logo for your WhatsApp Tv so that people can always identify you whenever they see your logo.

6. Inshot app

Inshot app is use by those who focuses more on Video-based contents. With Inshot, you can edit videos, customise pictures, extract and delete video sounds, merge video clips, trim videos etc.

7. Spark post app

If you are planning on creating both video-based and picture-based contents, then Spark post is for you. This app is also use by some Instagram celebrities and social media influencers, but note Spark post is not a free app, it is a premuim app with premium features but hey, you can always start a WhatsApp Tv without Spark post app that is why it is that last tool we mention in our list.

After getting this tools you can now start a WhatsApp Tv, all that you need now is to get as many WhatsApp user contacts as possible. The larger your WhatsApp user contacts, the larger your WhatsApp status views and the more potential advertisers it will attract.

Now let us talk about how to start a WhatsApp Tv.

How to start a WhatsApp Tv

If you have any of the above tools mentioned. All you need to start a WhatsApp Tv are:

1. WhatsApp Contacts

The people you want to join your WhatsApp Tv must be on WhatsApp platform. Getting members to be added on your WhatsApp Tv isn’t easy because you have to tell them the reasons why you want to have them as members and also how the contents you will be sharing on your status is going to be of benefit to them. Speaking of contents, let move to the second part of how to start a WhatsApp Tv.

2. Contents

How to get great contents on your WhatsApp status are one of he most important things you need to consider before beginning a WhatsApp Tv. No one want to be seeing or reading boring contents on your WhatsApp status. So, if you want to begin a WhatsApp Tv ensure you know where you will be getting your contents from.

3. Branding of contents

The third thing on how to start a WhatsApp Tv is branding of your contents before sharing it on your WhatsApp Status. Ensure you put the name of your WhatsApp Tv and your WhatsApp Tv phone number on the contents, in case any member of your WhatsApp Tv decides to repost or reshare your contents. This will create more awareness and also more members to your WhatsApp Tv.

Now that we have talked about how to start a WhatsApp Tv, let us talk about how we can promote the WhatsApp Tv we just created in order to have a growing members.

Before you can have a larger WhatsApp user contacts, you will need to do some sorts of WhatsApp Tv promotion but how can you promote your WhatsApp Tv?

How to promote a WhatsApp TV

1. Via other WhatsApp Tv owners

One of the ways you can promote your WhatsApp Tv is via other WhatsApp Tv owners. They may tell you to pay some certain fee though while some they may not but you can always bargain with them.

You can also read our article, how to make money on WhatsApp.

2. Share your WhataApp Tv contacts to Groups

You can share your contacts to groups and also tell the group members to help you in rebroadcasting your contacts to their fellow contacts and groups they are in.

3. Do giveaway

Giveaway is one of the promising ways to gain contacts. By the way, who doesn’t like giveaways 😂. With giveaways you can attracts as many WhatsApp user contacts as possible.

4. Top forums or blogs

You can also promote your WhatsApp Tv via top forums like Nairaland, Warrior forum etc or blog like Jalafile, Linda Ikeji Blog, Naijaloaded etc.

5. Social media

You can also promote your WhatsApp Tv on social media like Facebook (groups, timeline, pages), Instagram, Twitter, Telegram channels or group.

With all these means you should have gathered a massive WhatsApp user contacts. Don’t forget contents are also very important, know the kind of contents you want to be entertaining your WhatsApp Tv members with.

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Now that we have talked about how to start a WhatsApp Tv and how to promote a WhatsApp Tv, let us talk about how to make money on WhatsApp Tv.

How to make money on WhatsApp Tv

Advertisement is the bet way to make money on WhatsApp Tv. A lot of people want to showcase their products and services and the best way to do that is through advertisement.

An advertiser will look for a WhatsApp Tv owner with a large audience, price and duration will be discussed.

However, ensure you:

  • Treat advertisers with respect
  • Let your viewers know that this is an advert so that they won’t hold you responsible in case any thing goes wrong.

Conclusion on how to start a WhatsApp Tv

After you have started your WhatsApp Tv, the best way you can keep your WhatsApp Tv members is to post entertaining and informative contents on your WhatsApp status. Don’t bore your WhatsApp status with boring contents if not you may end up losing members.

Do you that WhatsApp Tv is one of the means to make money online as a student. By the way, you can read our article on the different ways you can make money on WhatsApp.

As you can see, starting a WhatsApp Tv is very easy. If you have any question on how to start a WhatsApp Tv, please feel free to ask by using the comment box below or send us a mail so that we can answer your question or any inquiries.

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