How to make money with Chipper Cash without investment

How to make money with Chipper Cash without investment | With Chipper cash you can earn and save money online. You may be wondering if Chipper cash is legit. Yes that thought came at me first until I registered and I start making money just by pressing my phone, within 2 minutes of joining Chipper cash.

Yeah, you are surprised right 😂, I know the feeling. But first, let us have a little bit of review on Chipper cash and how you can make money on Chipper cash.

Chipper Cash Review

What is chipper cash about?

Chipper cash is a mobile app that was released on July 7, 2018 and is used to send money from one person to another. It’s a safe and easy way of sending and receiving money internationally.
Chipper cash offer instant no-fee local and cross cross-border money transfer, discounted airtime purchase and zero charges on bill payments.
I’m going to say chipper cash came with beautiful features that made it stand out from other FinTech devices.

Are my payment information and personal details secure on Chipper cash?

With Chipper Cash, your payment information and personal data are encrypted to protect you against unauthorized activities and provide a safe platform for sending and receiving cash.

Which Countries do they Operate In?

They are currently in the following countries:

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • Kenya
  • UK and USA.

The team at Chipper cash is focused on expanding their coverage and they are constantly adding new countries

How To Open Chipper Cash Account

For you to get started on Chipper Cash, you need to install the Chipper Cash app on your smartphone and click on “Open free account.”

You will be asked to give reasons why you want to open chipper cash, select one of the reasons either because of family support, bills payment or savings and investment… Select an option that is suitable for your reason for opening chipper cash

The next steps requires you to enter your first and last name as they appear in your identification documents. You’ll then be asked to enter your birthday.

The next step is to choose a ChipperTag of your choice. This unique name will be useful when one wants to send money to you. You will get a confirmation on your screen indicating that you have successfully joined Chipper Cash. Depending on the country that you are in, your Chipper wallet will be set to the country’s currency.

For the final step, you need to input a four-digit PIN that you will remember. This set of digits is crucial to ensure that your account is secure. From this stage, you can start using the app to make payments and send or receive money.

But hold on their is a limit of what you can do, you need to input your BVN (Bank Verification Number) and also do a facial ID verification for you to unlock their full features. If you are in Ghana, Uganda and South Africa, you are to verify your Chipper Cash account with either your:

  • International passport
  • National ID
  • Driver’s license
  • Alien Card

While those that reside in the United State of America (USA) can either use any of the following to verify their Chipper cash account:

  • USA residence permit (Green card)
  • USA passport card
  • USA work permit
  • USA service ID card
  • USA National Identity card
  • USA Driving license
  • Visa

If you reside in the United Kingdom (UK), you can verify your Chipper cash account with either:

  • UK Passport
  • UK Driver’s license
  • UK Residence permit

You will also be asked to take a video selfie of yourself in order to confirm your identity matches with the ID you submitted.

First, let me explain how to verify your chipper cash account in Nigeria since the only verification method for Nigerians is the us of their BVN (Bank Verification Number)

How to verify your Chipper cash account with BVN?

  • Go to your Profile Tab
  • Scroll to the bottom of the “Profile” page and tap “Get Verified”
  • Tap “Verify My Account” and follow the given instructions
  • Enter your BVN and tap Next to submit

Please ensure that your Chipper account names match the names on your BVN

Your documents will be reviewed within 2 working//business days after submission.

If the verification fails, you will receive a message with the reason. On the “Profile” page, your verification status will change to “Rejected/Needs Resubmission”.

If this is the case, you can re-submit your ID using the same process as above.

Now let me explain how to verify your chipper cash account in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, UK and USA.

How to verify Chipper cash account?

In order to verify your account, first, ensure your Chipper app is updated to the latest version by checking on the Playstore / Appstore.

  • Next, go to your Profile page at the top-right corner of your Home tab
  • At the very bottom of the “Profile” page, you will see the option to “Get Verified”
  • Select “ Begin Verification” and follow the given instructions
  • Once you click on Begin Verification the next page asks you to submit a video selfie. Please ensure your camera permissions are enabled so that you can take the selfie.
  • Please follow the clear, on-screen instructions to submit your selfie so we can confirm your identity matches with the ID you submit. Please don’t exit the process until you get the liveness confirmation
  • After submitting the video selfie, you will return to the Chipper app where you will click on the verification document you would like to submit based on the country of your account
  • Please take a picture of the front of your ID. If you are verifying using your passport, please take a picture of the biodata page (the page that has your passport photo and passport number).
  • Please confirm the photo of your ID is clear. If not, please retake the photo
  • Please type the number of your passport or ID and select “Complete”
  • Once done, tap the “Submit” button.

Your documents will be reviewed within 2 working/business days after submission if you are in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, or South Africa.

If the verification fails, you will receive a message with the reason. On the “Profile” tab, your verification status will be “Needs Resubmission.”

If this is the case, you can re-submit your ID using the same process as above.

These steps above is use to verify chipper cash account for those in the US, UK, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda

How to make money on Chipper Cash

Once you have registered on Chipper Cash and your verification status has been approved, you need to deposit at least $1 (N600) in your Chipper Cash account, then you start referring people using Chipper cash referral link and also tell them to deposit at least the same amount mentioned above.

For every person you refer, they will give you $2 and also the person as well the same amount.

Don’t forget to join Chipper Cash using the link below now…

Download Chipper Cash

Note: If you do not make any deposit and withdrawal in your Chipper Cash account you won’t receive any bonus. The money deposited by you still belongs to you, you can withdrawal the deposited money (including the given bonus into your bank account or make use of it to buy airtime or pay bills) immediately you receive the bonus.

How To Join Chipper Cash Referral System

You can take advantage of Chipper Cash referral program to earn some money. For example, if you successfully refer a friend in Nigeria, you will get 250 naira. To get your referral link and share it, follow these steps:

  • Tap on your ‘Earn’ tab in the app
  • Tap on ‘Share Link – Earn Money’
  • Select the channel you want to share the link through
  • Select the contact you want to share the link with
  • Once the person you shared your referral link with completes the following steps, both of you will automatically receive the referral bonus 1 hour after all terms and conditions have been met. Conditions include: The person creates a Chipper account with their phone number and not their email address using your link, successfully verifies their account, adds cash into their account and makes a payment of at least GHS 5 / UGX 4800 / NGN 1000 / ZAR 30 / GBP 5 to another Chipper user

Is Chipper Cash Legit?

Yes, it is. The app is genuine and can be trusted. The main reason why some people are skeptical about Chipper Cash is the fact that sending and receiving money both locally and internationally does not attract any fees. This is not to mean that the app is a scam or that it has certain hidden fees. As long as you are in the African countries that Chipper Cash currently operates in, you can pay bills, send money to acquaintances and family members, or pay for goods at no extra cost. This also includes transferring funds between the app and different mobile money accounts.

How Do I Check My Account Balance on Chipper Cash?

To check the total amount in your Chipper wallet, go to your profile page and look under the profile picture. If you try to send more money than is in your wallet, you will automatically receive a ‘insufficient balance’ notification.

Can I Send Money Through Chipper Cash to Someone Who Doesn’t Have the App?

Yes, it is possible. Chipper Cash money transfer process is the same whether the recipient has the app or not. Once you send money to a person who hasn’t downloaded the app yet, Chipper Cash will send him/her a text message as a notification for the payment. The message will include all the crucial details including the sent amount and a link which they will click on to download the app. Once the recipient successfully opens a Chipper Cash account, they will find the funds you sent them in their Chipper wallet. It is important to note that the recipient should sign up on the app using the same phone number as the one you sent the money to.

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What is Chipper Cash Payment Limit?

You can send any amount through the app. However, there is a limit on the amount you can ‘Cash Out’ or ‘Cash In’. The limit varies from one country to another.

What is Chipper Cash Withdrawal Limit?

Chipper Cash “Cash Out” button is found on your “Profile” tab. To withdraw from your Chipper account, tap the “Cash Out” button then enter amount, link your mobile money or bank account. Chipper Cash withdrawal is processed instantly. It might take a few minutes to enter your mobile wallet account or up to two working days to enter your bank account.

What Are Chipper Cash Transfer Charges?

Chipper money transfer services are free to use at the moment. You will not be required to pay any Chipper Cash fees for any transactions you make on Chipper Cash app. You may wonder how then does Chipper Cash make money? Apart from the payment and mobile transfer service, the fintech runs a commercial C2B mobile payment solution, Chipper Checkout, that generates its revenue. This has allowed its customers to enjoy offered services without incurring any Chipper Cash transaction fees.

How can I send money on Chipper cash?

There are multiple ways to send money via Chipper. You can either send money to another Chipper user or to a non-Chipper user.

Sending To A Chipper User:

  • Click ‘Send’ on your Activity tab
  • Select a user by searching their @chippertag or their contact name on your phone (If the user has a flag, it means they’re on Chipper – and the flag represents the currency of the wallet you would send to )
  • Enter the amount of money you would like to send
  • Enter a note on the purpose of payment as a reference
  • Confirm the destination currency if you’re sending money to someone in a different country


If you send money to a non-Chipper User, they receive a payment invite. Once the recipient creates a Chipper account with the same phone number you sent the payment to, they’ll receive the money you sent in their Chipper Cash account.

How to request money on Chipper Cash

Sometimes friends and family owe you money and forget to pay you back. You can use our “Request” feature to send them a request to pay you back.

To request:

  • Click ‘Request’ on the Activity tab
  • Select the contact you are requesting money from
  • Enter the amount you are requesting along with a note to remind your friend or family member what you are requesting money for
  • Confirm the request
  • The request is sent

Please note that the recipient of your request may choose to accept or decline your request accordingly.

NB: The ‘Request’ feature is not for requesting loans from Chipper Cash

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What is a Chipper bank account number?

It’s a virtual bank account number connected to your Chipper wallet in collaboration with our Nigerian bank partner Wema Bank and Flutterwave.

The account name is CHIPPERCASH/Your Name because it is issued through Chipper Cash

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Does my Chipper bank account number come with a debit/ATM card or online banking?

No, it does not, as it is a virtual bank account number connected to your Chipper wallet, and Chipper Cash is not a bank

How do I get a Chipper bank account number?

If your Chipper account is verified with your BVN, you may click on “Tap to enable bank account number” on the Profile page of your app to request a Chipper bank account number. If your Chipper account is not verified with your BVN, please reach out to the Support Team for assistance.

How many bank account numbers can I have?

You may have one Chipper bank account number

How can I send money to my Chipper bank account number?

Local NIP transfers from any local bank in Nigeria through a banking app or USSD to your Chipper bank account number will automatically be added to your Chipper balance instantly.

This includes online transfers from Opay, Kuda Bank

Please note the Chipper bank account number cannot accept NEFT transfers

Can my friend/family member/business associate send money to my Chipper bank account number?

Yes, they can! Local transfers to this account number from you or a 3rd party will automatically be added to your Chipper balance. You can cash out from your Chipper wallet but clicking the Cash Out button.

If you have any question or inquiries, feel free to use the comment box below and we will respond ASAP.

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