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How to make money during ASUU strike

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Now that there is ASUU strike in Nigeria. I am going to tell you how to make money during ASUU strike.

To make money during this ASUU strike, you don’t need to submit any application to all these big firms or companies. You can become a boss on your own by working from home at your convenient time.

I will give you some business ideas you can do as a student. Once ASUU strike is over, you can still be making money without any disruption of school activities.

So, let’s get started on how to make money during ASUU strike.

How to make money during ASUU strike

These are the following ways you can make money during this ASUU strike:

1. Freelancing

Yeah, Freelancing is number one on the list of how to make money during ASUU strike. A lot of people are making money from freelancing since the beginning of Coronavirus break. I lost the opportunity back then, I would have also be as rich as Elon Musk.

For you to start making money via freelancing you need to first know your skills, the things you can do, it may be graphics design, writing, web design or development etc. Just know the skills you can do. Once you can discover such skill then you can go ahead and join either Fiverr or Upwork. Then start making your money. Sha, don’t forget me when you start cashing out.

Let’s move to the second way you can make money during this ASUU strike.

2. Affiliate Marketing

I have talked about affiliate marketing in one of my blog post. You can read about how to make money through Affiliate marketing and also the best affiliate programs you can join.

Once you read those two articles, I don’t need to stress myself much any longer.

However, if you have any question, you can simply drop your comment, I will respond to it as soon as possible.

3. Blogging

A website or blog is an online presence, page or platform where an individual, group of people or even an organization can use to entertain, educate, and inform a targeted audience on some particular subject matter such as politics, jokes, entertainment, sports, etc. you can start with one or more niches, with time, grow your audience, apply for advert publishing companies to push their adverts on your website or blog which you can make money from. But it does not end here, you can equally become an affiliate marketer and advertiser.

Another way to make money from blogging is to learn the skill of designing websites and blogs for people or organizations and get paid in return. In addition, Affiliate marketing, direct adverts and the use of Ad networks are the most common ways people make online through blogging.

Don’t underestimate any blogger you see out there. Blogging is not easy though but there are some Bloggers making more than what you are paying as school fees in a week.

Blogging can be regarded as a full time job and also a part time job. It all depends on you. There are so many blogs out there, for example; Jalafile, Linda Ikeji blog, Naijaloaded, Shoutmeloud, etc.

If you want to have your own personal blog, you can contact me, I will create one for you within a minute.

4. Vlogging

A video blog or video log, sometimes shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television.

Vlogging or video blogging is also a means of making money online. All you have to do is to make a video and upload to either Facebook, Youtube or Tiktok. Vloggers are money makers just like bloggers. You can also be a full time vlogger or part time vloggers. It all depends on you.

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5. Dropshipping

We all know what dropshipping is all about. For those who don’t, you can read this article about dropshipping

For you to be a successful dropshipper, I will advise you to create a WhatsApp or Telegram group. This will ensure you have an already created audience that are ready to buy your products. 

Some people say, dropshipping is a little bit similar to affiliate marketing, well from my own point of view, I will say yes, because the goods are not purchase from you directly, you advertise the goods and get customer to buy the good directly from the vendor.

6. Forex Trading

If you can learn Forex trading, then you can make huge amount of money. However, Forex trading is not easy to learn. You can gain massively, you can also lose your capital all at once. Ensure you have good knowledge about the Forex market, what to trade and when to trade so that you won’t be in a total loss. There are a lot of people making money from Forex trading. So don’t dull yourself.

7. Crypto Trading

Crypto trading deals with the buying ans selling of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, etc. I have a lot of friends that are making money from Crypto-trading. For cyrpto trading you can join popular platform such as Binance to get started.

8. Selling of NFTs

NFT which means Non-fungible token. NFT started gaining weight in 2021. So, ya, NFT is a new investment in town that is why you should don’t leave yourself out on the new ways you can be making money online during this ASUU strike. You can get started on platforms such Opensea as well as Binance. The way you buy and sell cryptocurrencies that is also the way you do for NFTs.

9. Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the act or process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, or mobile phones. You’ll notice that almost all websites now do have a mobile app, this is because they are data-friendly and most times are very fast because they are light and they do load quickly when compared to the web version.

Learning how to develop an app is a skill that’ll fetch you a lot of money.

10. Publish Your Book Online or Selling of Ebooks

And the last for now on my list of how to make money during ASUU strike is by publishing or selling Ebooks. I have made a lot of money from the books I published free of charge on the internet. If you have written any book you can publish it for free on this is the place I published all my books free of charge. Lulu will give you free ISBN, they will distribute your books to all their retail channels like amazon, iTunes, kobo, noble store etc. But those retail channels will have a share from any of your books sold and you will also pay USA tax because of the free ISBN.

You get paid by cheque or via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can read our article on how to open Paypal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria.

Learning this skill will fetch you a lot of money as a student and would not really require your physical presence every time, also giving you more time to face your studies.

And the list of how to make money during ASUU strike goes on and on. Hold on, I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, if as a student you have discovered any other online business or businesses that would be beneficial to other students just like you, kindly share the business in the comment box, we’ll check it out and update this article as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading my boring article on how to make money during ASUU strike to the end.

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