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How to get marketable Instagram followers in a day

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Are you struggling to get at least 500 marketable Instagram followers in a day and you are looking for ways on how to get more Instagram followers as soon as possible?
Don’t worry, I will show you the methods I use to increase my clients Instagram handles.

Now are you ready to get your Instagram followers to a greater number?

Let’s dive into how to increase your Instagram followers.

How to get more marketable Instagram followers

How to get more Instagram followers

Update your Instagram profile account

Your Instagram profile account gives users insight about what your account is all about. The value, products or services you offer. If your Instagram profile account is not catchy enough then people won’t click on that follow button you have up there. Take note of the following;

  • Upload a good profile image
  • Let your username be search-friendly or easy to remember and type
  • Update your profile Bio and let it be catchy and simple as possible.

What is your Niche?

Before you open an Instagram account either personal or business account you need to first discover your niche; what your Instagram account is all about so that people won’t be confuse when the come across or visit your Instagram page.

Your niche (which can be dancing, mimicking, singing, comedy) is what will define your Instagram page or make your Instagram page distinct.

Moreover, your niche is what determines if your Instagram page will be video-based, pictures-based or texts-based.

Don’t run out of content

Yes, don’t run out of content. If you don’t want to lose followers interest, do not run out of content, you need to ensure that the niche you are choosing, you will be consistent enough with it and always have an uploading schedule probably one content in a day or 2 in a day depending on you.

Use hashtags

The use of hashtags are very important when it comes to building your Instagram account. The use of hashtags is one of the means to get your contents to reach a new audience who aren’t following your Instagram (IG) page yet.

Any time you want to upload your contents, make use of hashtags. But note, the use of hashtags in getting more Instagram followers is not base on quantity but on quality.

Let your content be engaging

how to increase your Instagram follow

Engaging contents are contents that grab the attention of your audience so that they can take a particular action.

Create an engaging contents that may allow your followers to drop their comments and most importantly share or re-post, this will allow those that doesn’t know about your IG page to know more about it and this may lead to them following you on IG to get updated with your contents. The more people share or re-post your contents on IG, the increase in your page awareness and this will allow you to get more followers on Instagram.

Make use of watermark on your images/videos

In case people decide to re-post your contents (either images or videos) on there IG page or other social media pages, the use of watermark on Images or videos will help people to see the original author of that contents and they may decide to visit the your IG page to see more of related contents and this may lead to them following you on IG.

Don’t neglect the power of IG influencers

Instagram influencers can also help you to get more followers on Instagram by uploading your contents and also tagging you on their own IG page that has massive followers so that people can follow you on your IG page and note if your contents is not engaging, the influence of influencers in increasing your Instagram followers may not be fruitful.

Promote your Instagram page

Promoting your Instagram page required some cost. Instagram page promotion will help you reach a wider audience depending on your budget and contents. You can also promote your IG page on other platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp TV, Twitter etc.

In Conclusion

The use of live videos can also help you to get more Instagram followers. You IG page may show up in the Instagram Suggested for you section located at your profile>>click on the three bars in the top right corner>>Discover people. Instagram suggested for you displays some Instagram account a user can follow. You can make use of your instagram page to make money online either as a social media influencer or as a brand marketer

I hope you now understand how to get more marketable Instagram followers. Please don’t forget to click on the share button to share this article, this may help someone out there.

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