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How To Get Google AdSense Approval Very Fast

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Getting Google AdSense approval have become very difficult, however, in this article you will learn some tricks on how to get Google AdSense approved on your blog or website.

Google AdSense is one of the ad networks that website owners do sign up for to monetize their website.

Google AdSense is an ad network owned by Google. It is one of the means of monetization for blogs, websites, forums and online tools.

A lot of blog owners or website owners want o monetize their blog with Google AdSense, however, getting Google AdSense approval is not as easy as you think.

Before we delve into how to get Google AdSense approval, you need to know the requirements in getting AdSense approval.

Requirements in Getting Google AdSense Approval

How To Get Google AdSense Approval

If you want to get approved by Google AdSense, ensure you follow this truthfully, if not you will keep on getting a disapproval mail from Google AdSense. With the new AdSense policy, it is very difficult to get AdSense approval even if your domain is a year old. If you really want to get AdSense approval, follow the steps am going to list here:

1. A domain

A domain is necessary before you can get Google AdSense approval. You can select your domain from any of the hosting providers like Namecheap, Bluehost, Siteground, WhogoHost, DomainKing, etc.

Buy a custom domain name and it should be a top level domain (tld) extension; examples of top level domain extensions are .com .org .net .info etc. But .com is best for blogging and it is the most commonly used domain extension. Custom domain name (such as make your website to be relevant in the sight of AdSense and it will make AdSense to be serious in the approving process. You can also use other tlds such as, .ng, .in, .us,, etc.

2. Hosting

Once you have purchase your desired your domain, you need to choose the type of platform you want to host your blog. There are three major platforms though which are:

  • Blogger platform
  • and
  • platform

If you decide to go for the Blogger or platform you do not need a hosting platform. However, if you decide to choose the platform, then you need a hosting provider. There are a lot of Web hosting providers (for example; Kinsta, Bluehost, Siteground, Namecheap, Hostinger) you can choose from.

Once you have chosen your blogging platform, your domain and hosting provider as mentioned earlier, then you have taken a step in getting your AdSense approval.

Note: I will be mentioning WordPress platform, the WordPress platform is the not the

3. Theme

Get a nice, simple and responsive design that your website visitor(s) can easily navigate through. It is advisable to use any of the default WordPress or Blogger themes, once you get Google AdSense approval, you can decide to change your theme to a premium theme. The reason is that the default themes are free and fast loading. Moreover, the codes used in creating these themes are clean codes, free of malware.

To locate the default WordPress theme:

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on appearance
  • Click on themes
  • Click on Add new themes
  • Then select the theme of your choice
  • Install and activate the theme of your choice

To locate the default Blogger theme

  • Login to your Blogger platform
  • Click on theme
  • Select your theme and click on apply

4. Site Navigation

Your website must be easy to navigate. A lot of people do get AdSense disapproval due to poor site navigation. Well, this is why I also recommended using the default WordPress or Blogger themes. Ensure your site navigation is well visible.

5. Pages

The following pages are to be added:

  • About Page
  • Contact Page and
  • Privacy Policy Page

AdSense don’t joke with these three pages. For them to approve your blog easily you must have those pages.

The “About page” describes what your site or blog is about, the “Contact page” contains your contact details, a means people can reach you and “Privacy Policy page” is the page you will describe how you deal with users information on your site, what you do with them and how they are been taken. There are many websites online that offers free privacy policy contents you can browse them out.

6. Contents

Add Original and Unique Contents; Don’t copy contents. Plagiarism is an offense, add at least 10 -12 unique and plagiarism free contents with at least 1000 words before you apply. Contents are the area that AdSense takes seriously, 90% of accounts disapprove by Google AdSense is because of contents. Make sure you follow their contents guidelines, and if there are some contents you need to copy, don’t copy everything change the words in it.

During the review period, keep on adding contents to your blog, this might increase the chance of you getting Google AdSense approval.

Some people though, they did not copy contents, their site still got disapproved why? The reason is copyright images; don’t copy or download pictures from Google, copying or downloading pictures from Google is against their law there are many websites you can download free images for commercial use e.g. and you can copy free images from these sites without any law violation.

Finally, submit your website to Google search console and Google analytics.

Once you are done. Then visit to register for an account, fill all the necessary details and paste the Google AdSense code given to you on your site as instructed.

Don’t forget, during the review process ensure you add more relevant and plagiarism free contents to your blog or website.

Note: Google AdSense can be use on websites, blogs, forums, online tools.

Conclusion on How to get Google AdSense approval

Now, Now that you have known how to get Google AdSense approval. You can get your website approved by Google AdSense in some days to a few weeks, depending on your effort. My focus is to let you know how you can get Google AdSense approval as soon as possible. If you follow all the requirements above then you will get your AdSense account approve

If you can follow all these steps you will get Google AdSense approval. if you have any problem feel free to use the comment box below.


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