FlezHub Review: How it works and is FlezHub legit

FlezHub Review: How it works and is FlezHub legit? I’m sure you have heard a lot of people talking about FlezHub. Before joining, check out our FlezHub review. In our review on FlezHub, you will find out if FlezHub is legit or a scam and also how FlezHub works.

Before telling you if FlezHub is a legit or a scam platform, you need to know what FlezHub is, how to join FlezHub and how it works generally.

About FlezHub

FlezHub is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software, FlezHub was launched on the 1st of May, 2022.

Now you may ask, what is FlezHub.

What is FlezHub?

FlezHub is a digital affiliate, advertisement and Google Approved scheme which enables users to earn comfortably by performing smile activities online.

FlezHub owners claim that the program was designed to help to eradicate poverty, to brush up inexperience Folks who don’t have the knowledge and skills to earn a living online through affiliate marketing.

FlezHub is a platform made up of subsidiaries that provide an opportunity of earning through the use of your smartphone

It’s intended for evaluating Google revenue and well as conversion of FlezHub units to real money and cash out as at when due

It is one of the leading affiliate digital scheme with a mission to make the process of earning passive income easy and fast for everyone.

Who can sign up for FlezHub?

Flezhub is for people (ranging from young and old) that want to acquire and get equipped with the present day skills (we currently have over five skills available on our website ranging from website development, mini importation, etc.

FlexHub is also for individuals who want to scale up their income, people looking for other legitimate sources of income online by simply making money through networking and through affiliate marketing.

How Does FlezHub Works?

Flezhub is made up of two plans which are

  • Diamond plan and
  • Gold plan

Both plans solely depend on what the registrant chooses to participate in on FlezHub website.

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Below are the earning structures on both plans


  • Welcome bonus = N1000 FLEZ Cash
  • Daily User login = N100 FLEZ Cash
  • Flez Mining =  N150 FLEZ Cash
  • Referral bonus = N1500 FLEZ Cash (1st Indirect referral bonus = N200 FLEZ Cash and 2nd Indirect referral bonus = N100 FLEZ Cash)


  • Welcome bonus = N2000 FLEZ Cash
  • Daily User login = N200 FLEZ Cash
  • Flez Mining = N300 FLEZ Cash
  • Referral bonus = N3000 FLEZ Cash (1st Indirect referral bonus = N500 FLEZ Cash and 2rd Indirect referral bonus = N200 FLEZ Cash)

We are still on FlezHub review, let us talk about how to register on FlezHub.

How to register on FlezHub

To register on FlezHub, follow the process below to get started

  • Visit
  • Contact a coupon code vendor, a coupon code is needed to register on Flezhub
  • Once you have purchase your coupon code from a vendor, go back to the platform and complete your registration

How to make money on FlezHub

To make money on FlezHub it entirely depend on the package program you choose (i.e. Diamond package or the Gold package). We have mentioned the earning structures of those packages above in case you want to check it out.

You can make money on FlezHub either via

  • Affiliate or
  • Referral

FlezHub Affiliate Program

Every viable business needs customers to thrive, so FlezHub is no different
As Flezhub affiliates are given access to promote products listed on the platform through unique affiliate links.

This link is used to track individual affiliate sales and for payment of commissions through the FlezHub system.

Once there is a purchase by a customer, both the vendor and the affiliate get notified via their dashboard with their percentage gained on each individual introduced. Feel free to also read our article on how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Skills classes are in pdf or video formats, and are thought online through our various groups once individuals are qualified for them

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FlezHub Referral Program

The second way to earn money from Flezhub through their referral program. It involves you referring or inviting your relatives and friends to use your referral link to join the Felzhub.

When someone registers on the platform using your link, the platform pays you a commission for each person you bring in.

You can get extra referrals by sharing your referral link with your social media walls, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

How to Refer on FlezHub

If you have a new referral and you wish to refer the user to Flezhub?

In this guide, you will know how to refer a new user and gain your referral bonus.

First steps, As soon your downline has the money and is ready to register on Flezhub Platform.

Navigate to Flezhub website and click on ” Coupon Merchant” Choose any of the Coupon vendor or merchant or your Favorite Vendor and chat him or Call the vendor and request for he’s account details, pay money to his account and he/she will deliver a coupon code to you for registration.

“This is How to Register a new user on Flezhub using your Unique referral link”

Open Flezhub website and login with your details.

Navigate to your dashboard and copy your referral Link.

Note: Immediately after copying your Referral Link, Open a new browser entirely and paste your referral link, if you don’t have another browser, you can download other browsers Like (Puffin, Firefox or chrome)

Anytime you wish to refer a new user, Open a different browser and make sure you always Clear your Cookies and cache before starting the registration in other to gain your referral bonus.

Back to the Registration Process:

Paste your unique referral link on your new browser, after the Link has successfully Load to the registration page, Make sure, you collect the details of your downline for registrations or you give him or her instructions on how to go about it using your unique link.

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Fill in the details of your downline, select the right package and copy the Coupon code you purchase from the vendor and paste it on the coupon section, accept terms and conditions,then you click on sign up.

Click sign up and the registration for the downline account will be successful.

Make sure, you note down your downline “Username and Password” for easy access to the New account.

Finally, Login to the new account and also Check your New Referral Bonus.

If you’ve gotten it? Congratulations!

How to withdraw on FlezHub

Flezhub payments and commissions payment for affiliates is every Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays.

To be eligible for a withdrawal on Flezhub, you must first reach the platform’s minimum withdrawal amount.

All you have to do is enter your withdrawal information and then request a withdrawal by clicking the withdrawal button.

Is FlezHub legit or a scam platform?

Yes, FlezHub is a legit platform for now. However, it is advisable to invest only what you can afford to lose, as I always tell my readers. We can’t tell when FlezHub will shutdown operation.

There has been no report of any scam or fraudulent activity on FlezHub.

Is FlezHub platform secure?

Yes, FlezHub platform is secure because it deals with people’s money. Nevertheless, you never can tell what will happen in the future, they might decide to shutdown as i have said earlier.

Conclusion on FlezHub review

Thanks for reading our review on FlezHub, and I hope you have known how FlezHub works, don’t forget to invest on what you can easily lose.

If you have any questions or inquiry, please feel free to make use of the comment box below.

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