Annoying facts about female periods

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There are a lot of annoying facts about female periods I will want you to know.

Before I get started, let me tell you a little story.

I never understood how ladies feel when it is time for their periods. Sometimes I use to say, it is all about bleeding nothing else. Having a girlfriend made me realize that female periods aren’t all about monthly bleeding. It is a way of the female body to get ready for pregnancy.

My first relationship made me realise the kind of suffering women do undergo when it is time for this monthly cycle. I never understood anything until I had a girlfriend.

Let’s look at some annoying facts about female periods.

Some annoying facts about female periods

Well I am going to list some of the things I noticed about the female periods, some are annoying though.

1) Cramps

Female periods are extremely painful because of the shedding of the uterine wall. When you see a lady having cramps you might confuse it as an ulcer pain. Well, I don’t know which is more painful between ulcer pain or menstrual cramps.

2) Mood swings

Happy now, few minutes later she is vexing – mood swings. When your woman is having her period and boom you notice she is having mood swings, don’t retaliate, it is just the hormones playing football with her.

What you can do for her is either calm her down or giving her the room or space for her to be calm by herself. If the only way she can be calm is to lash out at you, then let her do it so far the goal is achieved.

3) Bloating

You might be fasting for months, but your stomach will be in a constant state of heaviness. Feeling full is an understatement. It’s almost like someone pumped your stomach with gas.

4) Diarrhea

A lady may visit the restroom to pass out feaces for as many times she can. Wait, why is she visiting the restroom, let us take a look at the next one

5) Cravings

Craving is something a lady can’t run away when she is having her period. When she craves for something, she has to satisfy her cravings, if not it might consume her. I always thought cravings are only met for women that is pregnant, lol, I was wrong. When a woman is in her period she can crave for anything, I mean anything.

6) Painful breasts

Yeah, you might not want to hear than right, you love pressing and sucking them, but all of a sudden, when she is having her period and you press or suck them she always complain of pain, you might also notice how tender it is.

7) Fatigue

Fatigue which also means “tired.” No matter how rested you are or how many hours of sleep you had, you are always tired after a small task. Feeling dizzy that your body will be telling you it is time to take a little nap, that little nap may lead to another long hours of sleep. Annoying right, if your girlfriend is always complaining that she is tired after every little task and she is in her period. Don’t be mad at her, you can excuse her from that task and show her love.

If you are a man, and you find out your girlfriend or wife is having these kinds of behavioural or attitude change, don’t fight them, it is just their hormones doing the dirty works for her trying to use her to piss you off.
As a man, all that you need to do is to take good care of her and don’t take any of her attitudes serious.

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