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2022 Domainking Review: Is Domainking a Good Hosting Company?

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Is DomainKing a good hosting company?

My article on Domainking review are for individuals who are planning on starting a blog and are thinking of the hosting provider to use or for individuals who have their own blog and are thinking of switching hosting providers and Domainking is one of the hosting providers in their list, in this article I will let you know if Domainking is a good and reliable hosting company or not.

Choosing the right hosting provider for your website is the most important decision before you decide to get your website online, don’t make the mistake of rushing and going for a cheap hosting provider without checking if your website will always be 99.99% online with your provider or not.

After you have Considered all the most important points to look out for in a hosting provider, I will offer you my review on DomainKing hosting provider, who is one of the most affordable hosting providers in Nigeria at this time.

Affiliate disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please feel free to read our full disclosure.

What is Domainking

Domainking Review: Is Domainking a Good Hosting Company

DomainKing.NG is one of the leading domains and hosting providers in Nigeria with really affordable prices. Domainking has one of the best prices for online services and premium support, they have managed to be one of the top hosting providers in Nigeria.

Domainking.Ng started operation in Nigeria since 2008 till now. They are best known for their affordable domain and hosting prices with their domain price starting at just N1,500 and the least hosting plans cost for as low as N750/mo. You can register almost any available domain extension with them at a much less price than any other hosting providers in Nigeria.

DomainKing was founded in Nigeria but now operates in at least four countries.

Why should I Choose Domainking?

Yeah “Why should you choose Domainking?”

DomainKing is a leading domain name registrar & hosting provider accredited with NiRA (Nigeria Internet Registration Association) which makes them one of the best web hosting in Nigeria.

DomainKing.NG claims to provide the cheapest domain names and premium Web Hosting servers in the country. Let me go straight to the point and analyse DomainKing offers and services.

Domainking Review

1. Affordable Hosting Plans with Free Domain

DomainKing Nigeria offers very cheap web hosting plans which start from only N375/month.

There are different 3 shared web hosting plans available on their website that would fit the need of every business or blogger.

a) Soldier Plan (N750/month): I call Domainking Soldier plan the Starter Plan, the Soldier plan is the ideal plan for beginners who are about to create their first blog or website. The Soldier plan is very affordable and caters to all the things needed to start a blog or a website.

With the soldier plan you can host 1 website on it but I won’t advise you to host 2 websites on the Soldier plan due to server load and once you see your website/blog is already receiving huge traffic please feel free to upgrade your hosting plan to Minster or King.

It is currently available for just N750/month with everything included that are Free Domain, Free SSL, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Free WordPress setup and other CMS setups.

If you buy any of the hosting plan with my affiliate links you may get a 10% of discount

b) Minister Plan (N2,500/month): The Domainking Minister plan comes with all the benefits of the Soldier Plan and also higher features which are not included in the Soldier plan, the Minister plan is suitable for high traffic websites or blogs unlike the Soldier plan.

So, if you think that your website will have more than average traffic for a startup website then you should go for Minister Plan. Also if you started with a Soldier plan initially, you can always upgrade to this plan when you will need more resources.

With the Minister plan you can host 5 websites on it.

The Minster plan is currently available for just N2500/month. If you buy any of the hosting plan with my affiliate links you may get a 20% of discount

c) King Plan (N3,950/month): It is their highest of the shared hosting plans and it can be tagged as an Unlimited Plan because everything you will get with this plan will be unlimited. It is the best plan for you if you want to host your E-commerce store or a high traffic blog/website/forum.

Moreover, it also allows hosting of unlimited websites, so you can also get this plan if you are a designer who wants to host multiple websites for your clients.

You can get the King plan currently for N3950/month

If you buy any of the hosting plan with my affiliate links you may get a 20% of discount

Domainking also offers 3 different wordpress hosting plans which are:

  • WP1: You can get the WP1 wordpress hosting plan for N2,500/month. The WP1 wordpress hosting plan offers a disk space of 10gb, unmetered bandwidth, only 1 free domain is allowed, and it can be used for blogs or website with approx 8,000 pageviews.
  • WP2: You can get the WP2 wordpress hosting plan for N4,000/month. The WP2 wordpress hosting plan offers a disk space of 20gb, unmetered bandwidth, only 1 free domain is allowed, and it can be used for blogs or website with approx 30,000 pageviews.
  • WP3:You can get the WP3 wordpress hosting plan for N5,500/month. The WP3 wordpress hosting plan offers a disk space of 40gb, unmetered bandwidth, only 2 free domains are allowed, and it can be used for blogs or website with approx 75,000 pageviewsParked domains are only available for the Giant geek plan and only 1 parked domain is allowed.

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DomainKing also offers VPS hosting, but for now, they don’t offer cloud hosting, or dedicated server packages. Domainking VPS plans are

  • MVPS1: With N29,798/month you can get the MVPS1. The MVPS1 offers the following features; Disk space of 80gb, 4gb memory, 2 CPU cores, 4TB of bandwidth, control panel, free SSL and softaculous included.
  • MVPS2: With N46,948/month you can get the MVPS2. The MVPS2 offers the following features; Disk space of 160gb, 8gb memory, 4 CPU cores, 5TB of bandwidth, control panel, free SSL and softaculous included.
  • MVPS3: With N76,798/month you can get the MVPS3. The MVPS3 offers the following features; Disk space of 320gb, 16gb memory, 6 CPU cores, 8TB of bandwidth, control panel, free SSL and softaculous included.

The VPS Hosting includes Free WHM/cPanel. You will get upto 5X Faster websites with their Ultra Fast SSD VPS servers that come with advanced inbuilt DDOS protection. All of it Fully Managed for you so that you can focus on your business!

Every VPS Server Includes:

  • Full Root Access: Complete Control of your server with full Root Access. You are the incharge of your server so you are free to customise your server the way you like.
  • WHM/cPanel Control Panel
  • 5X Faster SSD drives
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 1 Click WordPress & CMS Installation
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Fully Managed 24/7 Premium Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Provisioning, Firewall Setup & Security Settings

2. Free Domains

DomainKing.NG offers free domain with every shared hosting plan you purchase. You can get “” domain for free with Soldier and Minister plan. While King hosting plan also allows you to get a Free “.com” or “” domain name for 1 year.

3. Faster Websites

DomainKing.NG claims to provide super fast web hosting with premium features. They have stated that they provide 5X faster hosting. How?
Here’s how

  • SSD accelerated Servers: DomainKing hosts your website on premium servers that are upto 2 times faster than normal servers that is possible with addition of Solid State Drives (SSD) to the servers. As you all know that SSD is always better than traditional HDD and your website will get a 100% increase in speed by switching to an SSD hosting.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server: DomainKing uses LiteSpeed web server for ultra fast hosting experience. It is way better than conventional Apache server and offers 2X faster websites.
  • Inbuilt Page caching: With LiteSpeed web server you get LS Cache WordPress plugin that gives most optimum page caching in WordPress for best WordPress performance.
  • LiteSpeed clearly outperforms any other caching plugin in the benchmark done by Litespeed Industries Inc.
    So, DomainKing hosting makes WordPress really fast upto 5X. So, you can try DomainKing hosting services if you are looking for cheap web hosting in Nigeria for good website performance

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4. Free Hosting Migration:

If you are using any other hosting company that is giving you some problem and you want to migrate to DomainKing hosting, then you have got a good option. DomainKing offers free website migration at zero cost!

All you will have to do is contact their support team to decide on a plan & ask for free migration. You will get complete migration of your website along with all the CMS installations.

5. Affordable Domain Names

Normally the hosting providers that offers you a cheap web hosting usually charge you very high for domain names. But this is not the case with DomainKing.NG, you will get very cheap domain name starting at just N999.

You can get .com for just N6,300, for N1,500 & .ng for N10,500. With every domain name comes a complimentary Free Whois protection, and 2 free custom email accounts.

6. Quick Customer Support:

DomainKing’s support team is available 24/7/365 for helping you. You can reach them via various support channels.

You will get the fastest support from DomainKing because they have the fastest response time in Nigeria even though it’s a very rare feature with Nigerian hosting providers. You will get a reply in 15 minutes max. if you contact via Email support or Ticket support. Live Chat support offers realtime answers for all your sales and support queries.

7. Free SSL with all hosting plans

Having a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for your website has become really important these days. The fact that major search engines considers it a ranking factor is a good reason to use SSL for all modern websites.

Another reason to consider SSL for your important websites is the fact that most of the browsers throws warning messages if you access an http URL. You will get Free Auto SSL certificate powered by Commodo with every hosting plan on DomainKing.NG.

8. Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth is rarely provided by hosting providers in Nigeria. But DomainKing offers unmetered Bandwidth on all of their hosting plans whether it is a starter or premium plan. So, you are never going to see Bandwidth limit exceeded error with DomainKing hosting.

When it comes to server resources, DomainKing.NG allows 25 concurrent MySql connections with the King Plan and 20 on other plans that are more than enough for smooth functioning of a normal website.

9. Free Daily Backups

DomainKing provides you with free daily backup to your website hosted with them. So, if you accidentally delete your website or you lose your data due to any reason. You can always be sure that you will get your website back online asap with free backups in cPanel.

This is an important feature to look out for when seeking an honest DomainKing.NG review. It is a feature that gives them an advantage over most Nigerian hosts. Hardly does a Nigerian hosting company offer a cheap hosting plan with daily backups as an option.

10. Flexible Payment Options

DomainKing offers almost all the payment options that’s highly recognized;

Payment via Card: You can make payments via your debit/credit card for your order to be complete and it will be activated at the same time. DomainKing accepts both Visa cards, Mastercard and Verve cards.

Payment via Bank transfer/deposit: People who don’t have a bank account or debit card for making online payments can easily use the bank deposit or bank transfer option for making payment for their chosen domain name and/or hosting services. You just need to contact their support team with the payment slip and your order will be activated after tracking it.

Paypal: DomainKing also accepts paypal and if you are an international client looking for registering a .ng ccTLD domain name, then you can pay via your card or via paypal.

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11. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

We know how annoying it is to believe in a service and then be let down later without even getting a refund of the money paid. But DomainKing lets you try their service without any risks!

This is a very attractive feature as it allows you to test their service without the risk of losing anything in case you are not satisfied. But ensure to read their refund policy.

So back to the question.

Is Domainking a good hosting company?

Yes, Domainking is a good hosting company. It is one of the most affordable hosting company out there.


If you are just starting out and looking for a reliable, fast & affordable local hosting provider, DomainKing.NG will surely be a great choice for you.

Feel free to rate your DomainKing.NG hosting experiences or share your own DomainKing.NG review by using the comments box below.

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