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Best skills to learn to make money in 2022

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You may be asking yourself this question, “what are the best skills to learn to make money?”

There are a lot of skills out there but not all skills are profitable. You might be an high school or college dropouts, a recent graduates from college or university and you are looking for how to make money with your skills and also want to be your own boss.

Skills that were once essential to jobs are now automatable, creating a space where people must develop new professional skills to stay valuable. While you might think that your job isn’t at stake, automation has found its way into nearly every industry across businesses.

Now’s the time to think about what skills and practices you can develop to ensure that your career will be safe in the future. In this article you will find out the best skills to learn to make money without relying on that 9 to 10 hours job that just make you some pennies monthly.

What are the best skills to learn to make money

Before you consider the skills to learn, you need to ask yourself these following questions:

  • How relevant is/are the skills?
  • How profitable is/are the skills you want to learn? and also
  • What is the demand?

If you can answers these questions without bias, then you should consider the following high demanding and profitable skills.

Digital marketing

best skills to learn to make money

If you love anything related to advertisement, then you should opt-in for digital marketing.

Digital marketing refers to the use of digital channels to market products and services in order to reach potential consumers. Digital marketing involves the use of websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other similar channels.

A lot of businesses out there need digital marketing for both online and offline brand awareness, build a customer base, and get a greater Return On Investment (ROI).

Hence, the need to choose your specialisation in the digital marketing field. Here are some specialised areas of digital marketing you may want to consider:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content automation
  • Campaign marketing
  • Data-driven marketing
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

A lot of businesses such as ecommerce business are looking for digital marketers in order to influence their business and also beat their competitors, that is why you should not underestimate digital marketing as one of the best skills to learn to make money.

if you are interested in learning digital marketing you can send me a mail to get started.

Coding/Programming skills

Best skills to learn

Coding has quickly become one of the most sought after skills people can learn. Computing languages serve a variety of purposes and can be applied to almost any job. At this point, coding has become so dominant across industries that experts argue that coding might soon be a basic life skill.

Learning to code is one skill that could take some time. The specific computing language you want to become literate in will determine how long it takes you to learn to code.

If you want to learn to code, start by looking at different types of computer languages and consider how relevant they would be to your career.

Often, people begin with the easiest languages to learn like HTML or JavaScript. After learning the basic languages, you can move on to more popular and widely used languages like Python.


best skills to learn in order to make money

The next on the list of best skills to learn in order to make money is photography or videography (depending on which one you are capable of, you may as well do both if you like). Photographers/videographers are in high demand at this moment. Photographers/Videographers are highly needed in events such as birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, adventures, etc. Comedians and artists also request for their services.

Web design

You can learn web design and turn it into a profitable means whereby you will be helping clients to design their websites and making it visible online for their targeted audience. If you are interested in learning web design you can send me a mail to get started.

Graphics design

Are you good at making use of CorelDraw, Photoshop, Canva and other software that are basically use for the purpose of graphics design?

It is not a must you are good at all the packages use for graphics design, at least be good at one of them either CorelDraw or Canva. Once you can make use of them very well, you can turn your skill in graphics design into a profitable one.


Copywriting is the process of writing creatively for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing in order to persuade people to take action, which means; a good copywriting must grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to take action, for example, buy a product, visit a page, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.

If you are good at creative writing, copywriting might just be the money-making path you need to take. Furthermore, you only need a laptop, a good internet connection and your creative thinking ability to be a successful copywriter.

Usually, you can work as a freelance copywriter. It is also possible to get a job as a copywriter in marketing departments, copywriting agencies, advertising agencies, or public relations firms. Moreover, copywriting skills come in handy in many marketing areas, like content management, editor, SEO specialist etc.

Great copywriters are very hard to find in today’s industry. Thus, improving your copywriting skills will give you an advantage over others. Moreover, people will pay a good price for well-written content. Well written content has an intriguing headline, addresses people’s inquisitions very clearly and engagingly.

Mobile app development

Just like web design, mobile app development has become one of the most profitable skills to learn to make money. A few of the skills required to be a good app developer are programming, UI designing, backend computing, etc.

It is undeniable that the world is moving towards the use of mobile applications. people are now spending more time on their phones than on their computers. Every business is looking into mobile app development to expand and the demand for individuals who can code Android and iOS apps is increasing day by day.


Vlogging stands for video blogging. Vlogging is the use of videos to communicate with people unlike blogging that involves the use of contents in the form of writing to communicate with people.

There are a lot of platforms you can use to start your blog/vlog and start making money. Blogging/Vlogging has a lot of money-making potentials, however, it all depends on the following:

  • Your niche or topic of interest
  • Traffic and
  • Contents quality

Bloggers or Vloggers can make money via:

If you are interested in learning blogging or vlogging you can send me a mail to get started.

Conclusion on best skills to learn to make money

It is better you start investing your time and money on one of these profitable skills. Once you have the knowledge and you are very good at the skills, ensure you get a platform that will allow you to be able to monetize that skills of yours. These are some of the best skills to learn to make money, if we find more profitable skills, we will keep on updating this list.

One more thing, get a mentor and keep on acquiring more knowledge. Don’t forget, no one is an island of knowledge, we keep on learning and upgrading ourselves day by day.

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